Who We Are

GAGE for Men is a clean, modern, timeless brand for today’s man. Founder Bennie Pollard’s ambition from day one has been to create a great-looking product line with easy-to-use hair care products which can create any look in mere moments; and so, GAGE for Men was born.

Pollard, who has a dignified resume in the hair care industry, including being an award-winning hairstylist and salon owner, created GAGE for Men for the guys who want a product that looks great in the shower as well as on the hair.

This combination of good design and products which offer excellent results is of utmost importance to Pollard, who is an avid design fan. His aim has always been beautifully crafted performance.

Whether your hair goal is to create structure, add volume, or promote texture; GAGE for Men has a product for you. From the best styling products to high-performing shampoos and conditioners, GAGE for Men is your go-to.

Modern. Simple. Haircare.

“I believe that simple and clean design always wins.”

Bennie Pollard