Father's Day Gifts 2021

“GAGE for Men offers some of the best shampoos out there – this affordable everyday shampoo is a great and modern take on a must-have product.”

Daily Shampoo
Dapper Confidential
The 2021 Men's Health Grooming Awards - GAGE for Men Wins Best Texturizer

“Adding texture to any length of hair is easy with this wax, which delivers a light hold but doesn’t make your hair look greasy. And since it comes out of a pump instead of a jar, it’s easier to smooth through your hair without clumps.”

Flex Wax
Men’s Health
Favorite Finds: GAGE for Men - Pinappos

“Opting for simplicity in design makes them stand out from a slew of products trying to copy another successful brand. GAGE is more focused on quality products over eye-catching bottles.”

For The Men - Vulkan

“Made for those high shine styles to pair with your favorite look!”

Pomade Grip
The Best Hair Products for Men: Gel, Pomade, Wax, and Mousse - Fatherly

“While technically a wax, we’re putting GAGE’s latest in the gel category because of its application. Dispensed via pump bottle like others here, it feels like a gel as it blends into your hair — that is, until it dries. Then, it provides a softer hold than others, making it a great transition for someone used to traditional liquid products and leery about solids.”

Flex Wax
Men's Grooming Routines - WWD

“Fulton & Roark cofounder Kevin Keller shared a similar sentiment about men in suburban and rural cities, as did GAGE for Men founder Bennie Pollard, who is based in Louisville, Ky.

Pollard said each region in the U.S. has its own trends. ‘Each marketplace can have its own flavor, and before, the industry and even fashion in general would look to the coast as trendsetters but with info being so widely available, they develop their own trends.'”

Best Hair Gels for Men - The Manual

“Created by hair expert and former stylist, Bennie Pollard, who made GAGE for Men to prepare men for anything. This firm holding gel is disguised as a cream so it’s easier than ever to keep your hair in place without greasing it down.”

Shaping Cream
The Manual

“Though GAGE for Men Daily Shampoo is created with yeast protein that conditions your hair and celery seed extracts for improved texture, it’s the smell that might win you over.”

Daily Shampoo

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