Reimagine you, and renew, in 2022!

Notice anything when it comes to the headline of this blog? If it doesn’t hit you right away then take a second, deeper look. “2022”? Naaa, try again. “Reimagine?” Yes! All of us at Gage for Men love words and their meaning and 2021 saw the word “reimagine” used in everything from deep, social matters to car commercials. Let’s take another look – there’s a second word that we enjoy here at Gage for Men, a word all on its own. Especially now, as we’ve reached the very beginning of a new year and 2022 is rushing to greet us. Yes, you’re correct! It’s “renew”. “Renew” and “reimagine” go hand in hand and as with every new year we tend to want to become new, or reimagine ourselves, so that we can become the person we desire to be. How do we do it? Let’s discuss:

First, “reimagine” is by no means a new word, yet in 2020 and 2021 it’s as though we heard it for the first time. Or it simply offered a new meaning. Like you, wanting to be you, but a new you. For some reasons these thoughts of renewal arrive especially at this time of year. There are many ways to renew ourselves, inner and outer, and we’d like to discuss both options.


The easiest way to renew/reimagine ourselves is the outer part of who we are, or who we want to portray ourselves to be. Polished, professional, secure, successful, happy, controversial, challenging – you name it. All of us want to be one or more of these things. One of the most powerful ways to make a change, is to change hairstyles. No matter your current style, you can reimagine it with a great product. Gage for Men Flex Wax will be able to renew your style later in the day, to prepare it for evening, even though you may have started your day with a different Gage for Men styling product. Let’s say you used Gage for Men ¾ cream in the morning to achieve strong hold and an almost matte finish – you can then apply our Flex Wax (Men’s Health magazine’s 2021 winner for Best Texturizer!) to break it up and liven up your style for the evening with the lighter hold that the Flex Wax offers. Create a style and then re-imagine it, that’s what Gage for Men products will help you do!


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When it comes to clothing, and especially men’s coats, everything old is new again. Burberry has managed to put a modern twist to the duffle coat. Almost a phenomenon in the late 1950’s and into the mid-to late 60’s, the duffle coat has kept people warm while becoming an unmistakable coat design, almost on its own, no matter the designer. ‘Duffle’ originates from Duffel, a Belgian town where a heavy woolen cloth has been woven since the Middle Ages. The coat’s hallmark fastenings are making the duffle recognizable the entire world over. Burberry offers three styles that we’ve become quite fond of: The Check-lined Technical wool duffle coat; the Strip Detail wool duffle; and the stunning Check Wool Cashmere oversized hooded duffle coat. Have a look here and take your pick. Either one will put you on the fashion map this January and February!


With the warmth of the duffle coat on our backs, let’s head over to the inner renewal part of this blog. It’s without a doubt the harder part because without the willingness to change, there is no inner renewal. You’ve heard a million times by now that you are what you think about. Well, so many of us think and dream about certain changes, still we choose not to do anything about making sure these changes come to fruition. This is when you begin to feel “stuck”, in life and in your professional career. There’s only one person who can unstuck you, and we know you know who that is. It is of course you, and only you. It’s 100% true that when you change your inner life, your outer life changes too. Pick someone you truly admire, be it an author, actor, businessperson, or musician. Imagine the change they’ve had to go through, not only to reach the levels they’ve reached but also having the imagination and mental stamina to get there. And to keep going! There have been numerous painful moments in their growth, even though their career appears to be exceptional. Bring these thoughts out when you have a hard time moving forward. It will inspire you. Because “acting” on your inner change, your inner development, can at times feel quite impossible. Dreaming is one thing, acting upon our dreams something completely different, and the most important. It may hurt some, so embrace the pain and keep going! Please know that the person, or people, that you admire the most did just that.

Here’s to you, your inner and outer change, your dreams, and your goals. All of us at Gage for Men thank you for your continued patronage! Remember, renew you in 2022! We wish you a very Happy “New” Year!!!!









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