Autumn of 2023 – see men’s fashion with new eyes.

With the up-and-coming season change we automatically want to style, and perhaps re-style, ourselves. The fabrics of autumn are beginning to shout our names and we’re slowly but surely preparing to store our beach trunks, flip-flops, and SPF sprays until summer of 2024 is approaching.

Men’s fashion, as any fashion for that matter, moves and changes with the times. This fall and winter season we’re seeing a classic, tailored renaissance if you will, with a renewed outlook on traditional elegance. Keyword, renewed. In other words, traditional elegance with an edge. You will find that the “tone shift” has gone full circle. Let’s take a look!

Going out.

Regular t-shirts or dress shirts are scarce on the fall of 2023 runways. For going out clothes, designers are instead opting for a more gentle touch, still under the classic design – for men. Your favorite store may very well offer some of these looks. Blousy tops, actual blouses with bows, and/or asymmetrical tops which expose plenty of skin. Feeling daring? Then go for these options.




A shoe re-work.

In addition to the clunkier shoe design, we’re beginning to see a footwear re-design, meaning men’s shoes are becoming softer in nature. There are even flat Mary Janes this season. Featured here is a square-toed shoe with pleated detail in lambskin by Hereu and a leather slip-on loafer with a round toe by Lemaire. Oh, and the Mary Janes too.

The new business wardrobe.

Men’s fashion is moving towards a re-think when it comes to the 9-5 office wardrobe. The hybrid workplace may have played a part in these designs. There are choices here that cover the entire suit spectrum – from more traditional to completely new and different. Which ones would you pick??


Since fall of 2023 is already here, as far as fashion goes, we wish you a fun time when shopping, or window-shopping, for these new threads. We think you’ll have as much fun as we’ve had when we compiled these samples for your viewing. Of course, the true, tailored classics will always be in style, if this is where your fashion heart takes you. Because, like Coco Chanel once said: Mode passes; style remains.

Until next time, happy shopping!




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