Event Attire: Men’s Dress Codes Explained

Men's Dress Codes

GAGE says… receiving an event invitation and immediately knowing how to dress per the instructions = priceless! Owning this knowledge may not always be the case.

Men's Formal Attire – Men's Dress Codes ExplainedFormal

How many times have you received an invitation with the dress code being “formal” and you immediately run around in a frenzy trying to figure out its meaning? We know, formal can indeed mean so many different styles! Well, fret no more. GAGE is here with lots of clarity on men’s dress codes.

When dressing for a formal invitation, it’s almost easier knowing what NOT to wear. Avoid jeans, chinos, t-shirts, and polos. Casual is definitely not a part of this invitation.

The perfect outfit for a formal business dinner is a two-piece or three-piece suit with focus being on the accompanying shirt. Make sure it’s white, clean, and crisp. Finish off with a bright silk tie and you’ll look as if you’re the one who made the word “formal” a world-renowned dress option. Add a pocket square, which can be a different pattern from your tie, for that extra touch.

Men's Black-tie Attire – Men's Dress Codes ExplainedBlack-tie

Next, black-tie. Here the rules are immediately narrower, but the look doesn’t have to be.

Black-tie is exactly what it sounds like: a tuxedo. Please don’t mistake a black suit for being a tuxedo. It isn’t. You need to invest in a tuxedo, and we beg you – please refrain from renting. A well-tailored, black tuxedo is a classic, it won’t date, and you can wear it over and over. So make it yours.

Please note: your tuxedo does not have to be black! A midnight blue option stands out without being obnoxious. A deep burgundy is also an attractive option, especially if the material is velvet. It can even be white.

No matter the color, make sure your bowtie is perfect! Black or rich in color and patterns doesn’t matter as long as it’s executed to a tee.

Men's Cocktail Attire – Men's Dress Codes ExplainedCocktail

May we introduce, men’s cocktail attire! Perhaps the most popular invitation to receive.

Less formal than black-tie and one step up from business casual, cocktail attire offers a lot of exciting options. We’re happy to say that it’s highly likely that you already have what you need for this event in your closet! (We can hear your sigh of relief all the way here!).

Pick your favorite suit, make sure it’s dark to mid-gray. Not black! GAGE finds this to be too dark a color for this event.

GAGE recommends that you pick a white, button downed shirt. Any neutral color will work, though. Keyword: neutral! Your tie should be plain. If you prefer patterns make sure it’s not a loud pattern. You can also wear a bowtie!

Pick dress shoes with a leather sole, black is our favorite color for a cocktail event however the most important matter here is that the color of your shoes match the rest of your outfit. This goes for your socks as well. We suggest a sock color that picks up a color in your tie, or the color of your pants.

The Hair

Lastly, invitation hair! Well, there really is no such thing so our suggestion here is to groom your hair accordingly so that it matches the occasion. The quickest way to do this is via hair care products.

If your hair is short to medium, we recommend our GAGE for Men 3/4 Cream. This clever product is superb when it comes to all-day hold + it adds structure and definition to your hair.

For longer hairstyles, GAGE for Men Flex Wax is the perfect choice as it relaxes your hair and enhances definition.

Style your hair first, then put your event outfit on. We know your mirror will rejoice so the only thing left to do is to get ready to impress!

Now that you dress for each occasion with less angst, we can discuss cocktails, their origins, and their effect on a man. On second thought, it may be better to save that for a future blog. Afterall, GAGE recommends that you event-party responsibly! 😉

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