Lucious Libations

During these last days of summer, we tend to think about how it’s been, what we’ve experienced, how much of it is left, and what we can still do. We’re counting down the amount of beach days and grilling-out days we still have left, and it feels as though we already miss the carefree days that tend to always arrive with summer. One thing we still have plenty of though, are summer nights filled with… luscious libations!

All of us at Gage for Men are big cocktail fans. Not that we’re excessive, instead we bow our heads to that genius someone who knows how to mix up drink ingredients that can make the perfect moment even more perfect. Yes, a good cocktail, with its one-of-a-kind taste and the fragrance from the glass, can do that. We’re glad to recommend the following drinks, and we’ve thrown in an alcohol-free version for good measure. It goes without saying that we never drive under the influence, and we urge you to try these drinks in the safety of your own home! With that said, we hope you’ll let your hair down and raise your glass with Gage in mind. Here we go, hold on to your ice!


The Mojito

Fresher than fresh!

We hear that this cocktail originates from Havana and that it was author Ernest Hemingway’s favorite drink, or one of his favorites. All we tend to utter when we have a mojito in our hand is: Oh, the taste; the scent; the light tipsiness! Please note: That last part can easily be controlled by adding less rum! Few drinks feel as fresh as an original mojito. Thank the mint leaves for this! This drink is easy to make, simply follow these steps: Take approximately 1 oz. simple syrup, 1 tablespoon fresh lime juice, 1 oz. (or less) light rum, 1/2 to 1 oz. club soda, and last but never least a couple of lime wedges. Pour on a bunch of fresh mint leaves, grab a tall straw, and enjoy! Some like to use 7-Up instead of club soda, however we recommend you stay away from that version. With a neutral club soda this delicious drink will taste less sweet and it will be much fresher. The natural ingredients of the mint cannot be overstated. Simply irresistible!

The Gimlet

The gin drink of gin drinks!

History tells us that this drink was created out of health necessity. Back in the 19th century, scurvy ran rampant on ships, and it is said that Sir Thomas Desmond Gimlette, who was a doctor and a Rear-Admiral, gave birth to his name-sake drink in order to cure officers and sailors on board said ships who were suffering from C-vitamin deficiency, which scurvy was. The citrus juice did the trick and gin was added to soften the sharp taste of the lime juice. Did doctor Gimlette become a Sir because of his tremendous drink invention? Perhaps. We would hope so because the first time we tasted a gin Gimlet, we knew we would never be the same.

Prepared well, this drink will put its claws in you! It’s remarkably easy to make, considering its almost complex taste. Start by choosing your favorite gin. Ours? The Botanist. It’s beyond smooth and carries its own in a very competitive gin market. Grab one part of lime juice and half a part of simple syrup. Combine with the gin in a shaker, filled with ice, and shake until your hands freeze. Our Gimlet glass of choice is a coupe glass – pour the content into your favorite coup and notice how you begin to disappear into a most marvelous sphere, starting with your very first sip.

The Mint Julep

The Kentucky Derby favorite!

Stemming back to the 17th century, or even the 16th, it wasn’t until 1938 came around that this drink became the official drink of the Kentucky Derby, also known as the two most exciting minutes in sports. With this in mind, how could we not include this sweet-tasting cocktail in this blog. After all, Gage is a true Kentuckian! You’ll find that after you consume this drink, you’ll thank us. Profusely! Even if the Mint Julep is consumed by thousands on the first Saturday in May, when the Derby race takes place, it’s still a fantastic all-summer-long drink. Do the following to get a true Kentucky version: Take fresh mint and simple syrup and add to your glass. Begin to muddle. Then, pour in a lot of crushed ice. It’s ok to almost fill the glass with it! Pour 2 oz. of Woodford Reserve Bourbon (it’s the official bourbon of The Kentucky Derby!), a splash of water to help in diluting some of that strong bourbon, stir, garnish with more fresh mint, and serve. Let the thank you’s begin!

Cranberry-pear spritzer

We believe it’s now high time for you to take a breather, and the best way to do that is with a non-alcoholic punch. Here it comes… This is delicious in all its simplicity and festive as well thanks to the presence of bubbly club soda or ginger ale. Pour two cups of pear juice; a cup of cranberry juice; and the juice of one, big lemon into a punch bowl. Stir in ½ a cup of sugar. Add club soda or ginger ale to the bowl and mix everything for a few seconds. Grab one of your favorite glasses, pour, and add a fresh, thinly sliced piece of pear. Enjoy to your heart’s content – without a hangover.

Let your hair down…

…together with Gage for Men

In the beginning of this blog, we urged you to let your hair down. This metaphor for taking it easy leads us to the great-performing Gage for Men products you can use, every day, for any occasion. Pay us a visit, with your fave drink in hand, and we’ll see you in your hair!



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