Men’s Fashion Week in Paris!

Paris. One of the world’s most stunning cities, renowned for its fashion influence. Men’s Fashion Week is held twice a year in this city of lights. The shows are highlighting the latest trends and collections from outstanding fashion designers and brands, and the most current, and soon to be current, hairstyles are visible in the anticipating crowd.

The whole Men’s Fashion Week event was incredibly star-studded, with everyone from David Beckham to Stellan Skarsgård present. Established and up-and-coming designers strutted their wears to a flutter of applause. Let’s focus on the most notable!

Louis Vuitton. Or, should we say Pharrell Williams?

How did a luxury fashion brand, known and respected since the late 1800’s, land one of the world’s biggest music producers as their new men’s director? We’re talking about Pharrell Williams. A name almost as big as Vuitton, with 13 Grammy’s to his name. He is no stranger to the brand, the two collaborated in 2004 AND 2008, so it was not a stretch for either entity to start this powerhouse of a collaboration. Pharrell’s L.V. debut in Paris on the Pont Neuf bridge in June this year was nothing short of an experience. A joyous, almost fashion transformative show which has catapulted Louis Vuitton as a brand into a new epoch. The celebrities that attended and showed support were Rihanna (who is the brand’s latest campaign model), A$AP Rocky, Beyonce and Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Jared Leto, Lenny Kravitz, and Naomi Campbell. Just to mention a few.

Pharrell, who is not formally trained as a fashion designer, managed to lift the audience into a frenzy of awe with pixelated patterns as well as new styles to already well-known, iconic Louis Vuitton bags. With his classy acknowledgment to LVMA’s leader and founder, Bernard Arnault, at the end of the show, Pharrell displayed to the universe that he’s here to stay – not only as a new top-designer for one of the biggest brand’s this world has ever seen, but as a new ground-breaking exemplary super talent in this era we call modern. Here are few examples of his incomparable creations:



The coolest hairstyles!

An array of new, different, sultry, and even impossible hairstyles were flaunted by the visitors of Men’s Fashion Week. Something all of us at Gage for Men took notice of! Let us share a few of the highlights:


Photo credits: Swan Gallet/WWD/Getty Images, Giovanni Giannoni/WWD/Getty Images, Stefano Rellandini/AFP/Getty Images, and Christina Fragkou.



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