Respectful, and enjoyable, cigar smoking

Aaah, the smell of cigar smoke filled the air like a cozy blanket of warmth and scents of festive bonfires. Well… perhaps not. Most people (as in non-cigar smokers) do not enjoy the smell of cigar smoke. So, let’s visit the etiquettes that smokers should follow, especially when smoking around others. These guidelines will give clarity as well as enlighten your own cigar smoking enjoyment!

Let’s get started:

  • THE SETTING: It’s of utmost importance to pick the right setting for your cigar enjoyment. You want to relax during your smoke time. When in social settings, choose places that have designated smoking areas. If you can find a place that’s cigar friendly, that would be even better. This also shows that you respect others who may not enjoy the smell or presence of cigar smoke.
  • PERMISSION: If you’re at a friend’s house, ask if it’s acceptable for you to smoke. Even your best friends will react negatively should you take for granted that lighting up in their home is ok without asking first.


  • AVOID THIS: As we all know, cigar smoke can be strong as well as linger in the air past its welcome. Pick smoking areas where the odor won’t infiltrate clothing, furniture, or other people’s belongings. To smoke outside is absolutely preferred, even when you’re smoking at home.
  • ENJOYMENT: For you to enjoy your cigar to the fullest, cut the end properly and light it evenly. There’s an art to most things worth doing – this goes for cigar smoking as well.
  • PROPER USAGE: To add even more enjoyment to your smoke, hold the cigar gently between your thumb and forefinger. Take slow puffs, this assists in the cigar burning evenly. It also prevents the cigar from becoming too hot.
  • ASH PROOF: When you manage to keep the ash long, you know you’re smoking a well-constructed cigar. Quality is, as always, very important.


  • DON’T INHALE: Perhaps one of the most important etiquettes for enjoying a cigar is to not inhale. Instead, hold the smoke in your mouth and relish the flavors. This is how true cigar joy is had.
  • NO RELIGHTING: If your cigar goes out, let it rest. Relighting it can bring on a harsh taste so give it some time before you start up again.
  • CARE AND SHARE: When smoking with others, share your collection. This is a great way to exchange experiences, not to mention you’ll create cigar friends for life. And who doesn’t want more cigar enthusiasts to hang out with?


RECAP: Be considerate of those around you when you smoke. This will enhance your own experience since you’re smoking in a respectful manner. For more cigar knowledge, or if you’re brand-new to cigar smoking, study the masters like f.ex. Cigar Aficionado. In this magazine you’ll find anything from ratings and reviews to how to find a retailer. And with that we conclude by wishing you pleasant cigar moments!





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