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All of us at Gage for Men feel the same way when we’re in the midst of autumn: The mixture of inner peace as the leaves begin to fall in droves; foggy, early mornings with coffee in hand; and an almost restless excitement as the feeling of change makes its entrance together with the cooler weather. It goes beyond seasonal change – it’s also about inner change that tends to bring a “newness” to our way of thinking, planning, and last but never least, an urge to make new how we dress. Gage for Men has been eyeing the global fashion scene for fall fashion inspiration; which cars to drive as the new year rolls in; as well as which band we believe will continue to control the music scene in 2022. We can’t wait to share some of the inspiration that caught our eye, and ear, the most. So, sit back, light a cigar, pour your favorite drink (could be coffee, tea, or bourbon – depending on the time of day!), and let’s begin our inner, and outer, change. Here we go!



Sometimes adding color to your wardrobe can be a somewhat intimidating task, especially when the color is bright. This fall though, please embrace the red! This color is coming on strongly. We’ve noticed that red has pushed itself forward for the past year or so by showing up here and there on the runways, including on red soles, red ties, full-on red suits, etc. This fall red is more present in any of the wardrobe styles out there. We recommend that you choose one red piece for your daily style and keep the rest neutral. This way you can ease in this brighter color to your comfort zone. Now mind you, one red piece can be anything from red socks to a red shirt! Choose your piece and feel comfortable knowing that bright colors can increase your fashion value. Also, red has so many nuances to it, from the brightest of reds to crimson to burgundy. Pick the color level that speaks to you. When it comes to red coats, you can see one of our favorites right here, by the ultra-house Louis Vuitton:


Gucci turns 100 this year, so we must include a few words about this incredible fashion house. With the movie, “House of Gucci” (released this Thanksgiving), we can experience the hair-raising goings-on in this controversial family. With incredible performances from Lady Gaga (who is already tipped to become Oscar nominated for her part as Patrizia Reggiani), as well as from Oscar winner Jared Leto (as Paolo Gucci) we can almost guarantee that this movie will be one of the best we’ll see this year. So, what’s cooking on the clothes front for Gucci 2021-2022? The best word we can come up with is “eclectic” – which is the same feeling you get when you enter any Gucci store on the globe – an incredible feeling of spark and energy which create an almost irresistible array of must-have choices. Here, take a look at what’s new. You’ll see that Gucci keeps proving that they can be all over the place and yet stay truthful to their brand identity:



We weren’t surprised to learn that one of the favorite car colors for the 2021-22 season is red. Then again, red has been a hot car color for many years. Our focus instead goes to the type of car you may want to test drive this season. One Gage for Men fan tells us that he, since he leases his car, changes cars every two years. This brings him a feeling of excitement, renewal, and always feeling current when he’s on the road. Our three top choices that you may want to consider test driving are listed below. And, whether you choose an electric, hybrid, or gasoline-powered car; well, that’s of course totally up to you!


This type of car began its huge popularity in the 1990’s and its evolution for the past 25 or so years is quite remarkable as far as design and comfort go. One of our fave SUVs to drive is the 2022 Genesis GV70. We recently learned that the Genesis is a part of Hyundai’s luxury brand! Better equipped than many dynamo car brands, this is a must when it comes to your test drive goals. More info here:


Pick-up truck
Can you believe it? The Hummer is BACK! This time it’s electric, in more ways than one. Also available as a SUV, we can’t wait to test-drive both! 0-60 in three seconds and a price tag of more than… $100,000. Well, it’s only money, right? There’s so much info regarding this vehicle that we’re linking to it right away. Read more here and get your heart a-hummin’… Reservations are filling up!



When 100% of this car was made in Sweden, its strongest marketing pitch became “safety”. For the past few years, “cool” has entered the arena this car plays in, and the commercials have been irresistible. Because of this, and because of many other reasons, we highly recommend a test-drive in the Volvo S60. This hybrid sedan is pure joy to drive. Volvo proudly touts its purpose with the hybrid cars they make, “designed with a purpose for our planet – and engineered for dynamic driving”. Well, how’s that for killing two birds with one stone? The safety that comes with all Volvo cars is a bonus and does not mean for one second that these cars are boring. They’re anything but. Driving a Volvo S60 means freedom on the road, knowing you’re in a very safe vehicle as you run that highway as fast as you want (if you so choose). The design is sleek, and it can be admired here, together with all the safety features this car offers:



All of us at Gage for Men are huge music fans and our tastes encompass everything from mid-century jazz to hard rock. What we notice in music now is that it seems as though everything old is new again. Look at this band, on tour now: The Rolling Stones. What? Yes! The Rolling Stones!! This energizer bunny of a band is back in the States to make up for dates that were cancelled because of Covid back in 2020. This is the first time they’re touring without Charlie Watts, their cool, poker-faced drummer, who passed away on August 24 this year. Still, the band knows and understands the responsibility they have and continues, honoring Watts by doing what they do best. Their “No Filter” tour ends in Florida on November 23, there are (believe it or not) still tickets to be had in the cities leading up to this date, which could very well be the very last time this mammoth of a rock band plays live. This should not mean that they’re deserting the recording studio, or so we believe. The Rolling Stones will keep on keeping on, it’s in their DNA. Click here to secure your one-in-a-life-time concert experience:


Hairstyles, and the products that make them happen

Considering that mullets are coming on strongly again, we’re of the opinion that anything goes in order to feel hairstyle renewed this season and into the next year. What’s coming on strongly? We are opting towards highlighting natural curls. No need to tame them, simply “train” them. The best way to do that is via product use. Using the right products to bring out the best of your curl is key. We remain partial and recommend Gage for Men’s ¾ cream for strong curl formation; and for a relaxed, touchable version of your curls we recommend our Flex Wax (chosen by Men’s Health magazines as best texturizer, 2021 grooming awards!). The ¾ cream offers strong hold with a medium shine and the Flex Wax offers medium hold as well as medium shine. More info here:


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