Wardrobe Tips & Hot Hair Styles for Summer 2021

Wardrobe Tips & Hot Hair Styles for Summer 2021

June has arrived and it’s time to prep for that welcomed summer wardrobe and the hot summer hair styles that go with it!

Summer of 2021 offers the chance for you to be more comfortable that ever. The most important thing about this year’s summer wardrobe is for you to wear what you love – even if it’s not on any trend list. After the pandemic summer of 2020, all of us need to have and feel more freedom, and that certainly pertains to our wardrobe as well.

Are you a fan of Hawaiian shirts? Wear them! Only not to a board meeting or a dinner date. Is an undershirt your favorite summer “shirt”? Put it on! We wouldn’t necessarily wear it in public, though…

Well, we’ve discovered pretty fast that to be as free as you want to be in your clothing this summer may not be as easy as it sounds. So let’s re-group.

GAGE says… the focus this summer should be more on fabrics and comfort than on trendy fashion. Let’s dive in!

Fabrics to keep you cool

For your summer shorts we recommend the everlasting winning concept of cotton, cotton blends, and/or linen. Breathable fabrics cannot be beat. Cotton tends to have the upper hand as linen wrinkles quite easily. Linen however offers a more luxurious feel and look, it also allows for more heat to escape which means a lot during the hotter summer months. Invest in both materials and get any color you like.

When it comes to great materials and super-great designs, Banks Journal has it made. These shorts are perfect for summer, and you can choose from cotton/linen blends, cotton blends, and 100% cotton. Here, have your pick!

Luxurious, functional freedom

Summer shirts. Just the sound of those two words makes us want to run off and have a picnic! You may wonder which style and fit work best this summer? GAGE says… any style and fit you’d like! Freedom, remember?

Still, we recommend a looser fit which helps when the temps rise, and the material we’re drawn to mostly when it comes to summer shirts is without a doubt linen. Our favorite this year comes from Eton. This Swedish shirt company was founded in 1928 and has since grown to become a global brand. Their quote, “It’s not just a shirt – it’s an Eton” says it all.

Eton offers a range of styles and they’re all very classy. Let us share another Eton quote, “Easy, Breezy – and Refined”. This quote gives us a clue as to what we can expect when wearing one of their summer linen shirts.

Beat the heat comfortably

Summer shoes! Yes! All of us at GAGE for Men can’t wait to try out the HOKA Ora Recovery slide. Being a Men’s Health 2021 Fitness Award winner, we’re curious to check out the oversized midsole and let our barking dogs recover and breathe easy after a tough workout.

Shorter hair, easy grooming

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly: summer hair. It’s summertime and GAGE recommends short hair. It calls for easy grooming which is a big perk when the heat is on.

The Buzz CutThe Men's Buzz Cut for Summer

We have our favorite (hold on, it’s coming) but you may want to go all in and sport a buzz cut. This cut wasn’t always that popular however the tide is turning. Celebrities like Brad Pitt and David Beckham have lifted this style to society’s higher highs when sporting it, so it’s definitely become a contender.

The FadeThe Men's Fade Hairstyle

If a buzz cut seems too extreme, there’s always the fade with brushed back hair. Short and sleek on the sides with more volume on top, nicely slicked or brushed back, or brushed to the side, for an air of added cool.

The Classic Crew Cut

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds | Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

And now, we’ve arrived at our favorite: the classic crew cut. This style works well with more or less all face shapes, and it won’t make you feel as “naked” as a buzz cut could.

Work some clay or paste into the hair on top to get your texture out. We recommend our GAGE for Men Clay which adds strong, pliable hold and a matte finish. It also adds texture which will catapult this style to the top of your list!



With all of this information you’re becoming quite set for summer. It’s 2021, it’s a new day, and life is again alive and kicking. Let us all make the best of it!

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