What is good taste?

Good taste is often associated with having a refined sense of aesthetics. It’s important to note that it does go beyond appearances. It encompasses a wide range of aspects so let’s delve into what “good taste” is – or can be for those longing for it. Let’s go:

A person with good taste appreciates the philosophy of everything beautiful. He or she has an eye for beauty and can appreciate art, design, and fashion. They can identify and appreciate quality craftsmanship and unique, well-executed ideas. Politeness, courtesy, and proper social behavior are hallmarks of good taste. Treating others with respect and kindness is an essential component so manners and etiquette are of utmost importance.

Good taste extends to how you conduct yourself in public and private spaces. It includes the ability to choose words and actions that are considerate and appropriate for the situation. Good taste and decency most certainly go hand in hand. Having good taste also applies to our choices in food and drinks. A person with good taste appreciates the art of fine dining. Those white tablecloths you’ll find on every table in the upper scale restaurants, combined with the offering of crisp Orrefors or Riedel wineglasses? That is usually a strong promise that the quality on the table will transfer to the food as well. Not to mention the whole dining experience. It all brings “good taste” to the forefront.


Why does good taste matter?

Having good taste can lead to a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. You’ll be able to appreciate and savor the finer things, whether it’s a beautifully made suit where the tailor’s eye for detail is impeccable, a well-crafted piece of art, or a thoughtful and moving piece of music. Good taste brings on new emotions where you truly feel the music instead of only hearing it, you’ll feel the art you’re viewing, and you will absolutely feel awe towards the tailor who made that immaculate suit, not simply awe to wear the suit. Yes, having good taste will enhance your senses!

People with good taste tend to have better social skills and are more considerate of others. This can lead to stronger, more positive relationships with friends, family, and colleagues. Cultivating good taste requires continuous learning and self-improvement. Personal growth is important as is the commitment to refining one’s character. Also, in many professions, having good taste can be an asset. Whether you’re in the arts, fashion, design, or any other creative field, a refined sense of aesthetics can set you apart from the competition.


Can we develop good taste?

When we decide to immerse ourselves in different cultures, art forms, and experiences; our good taste “palate” expands and then it wants more of the good things in life. Like f.ex. visiting museums, reading literature from diverse backgrounds, and traveling to new places. This exposure to a variety of influences will expand our horizons. Also, when we experiment with our personal styles, whether it’s in fashion, interior design, or any other aspect of our life, overtime we’ll develop a unique and refined sense of taste. So yes – anyone and everyone can develop and cultivate good taste.



Can good taste be funny?

Last but certainly not least, good taste is a lifelong journey of self-improvement and appreciation for the world around us. Being elitist or exclusive is the opposite of good taste! When we value quality, beauty, and respect for others we also develop an almost acute kindness, not to be mistaken for naiveté. As mentioned earlier, cultivating good taste can lead to a more improved and fulfilling life, enhancing personal and professional relationships, and helping us see the world through a more appreciative lens.

In closing, let’s point the spotlight to the incomparable Oscar Wilde who once said, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” He’s also known to have uttered, “this wallpaper is dreadful, one of us will have to go.” So, can good taste be funny? Yes, undoubtedly! This is a great and fulfilling way to approach the new good-taste-life: with a witty sense of humor combined with a serious commitment to all things fine.




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