The Best Men’s Hairstyling Products for Different Hair Types

Best Men's Hairstyling Products

GAGE says… keep your shampoo and conditioner close and your styling products closer! Keeping your hair and scalp clean and fresh is a vital part of keeping your hair as healthy as possible. For that perfect hairstyle though, the best men’s hairstyling products are a must. When deciding which products to use, choose the styling product that can produce the desired style you want. These products should also be catered to your hair type so that the desired result is per your vision. Learning what a styling product can do means you’re halfway there. Applying it accordingly brings you the win. We are happy to share a few examples of what we mean. Read on:


1 – Make Fine, Thin Hair Look Thicker

Your hair is fine, almost thin, and your goal is thicker-looking hair. How to style your thin hair can be as easy as 1-2-3! So, in this scenario you need to use a product that can turn this fine, or thinning, hair around in just a minute. Fine, because you may be born with it, or thinning because, well – it happens to so many of us with time.

Choosing the correct product is vital as anything else will defeat the purpose and kill your goal on contact. You should seek out a product that focuses on men’s thin hair types as this product will promote the thickness you’re seeking. For example, pick one which contains celery seed extract. You also want a product which offers a hold on the firmer side without adding buildup.

May we recommend GAGE for Men ¾ Cream? This unique product is a firm holding gel, smartly disguised as a cream. It will graduate your hair in mere moments, and in doing so it provides the structure and style you so intensely dream about, and genuinely deserve. Apply a nickel-size throughout damp hair or a quarter-size for more results. Style as you see fit.


2 – Control Your Thick & Curly Hair

Mens Curly PomadourHow to style men’s curly and wavy hair doesn’t have to be tricky. In this scenario your hair is thick, has a natural wave and curl, and feels unmanageable. Your goal is to have your curls more controlled and less fuzzy. So, you will need a product that offers manageability. This way you’ll gain control without sacrificing a smart looking, curly look. Afterall, you’re proud of your curls, you only need to be in charge of them!

We are proud to recommend GAGE for Men Flex Wax. This product is ideal when it comes to achieving medium shine plus texture. It is great for managing crazy, curly hair. It holds like a gel and is flexible like a wax. This winning combination will leave you almost breathless. Just like the world when it checks out your cool looking, no-frizz curls. Simply work a small amount into damp or dry hair and let the ooh and aahs begin.


3 – How to Add Texture to Your Hairstyle

Mens Styled HairHow do you breathe life into your cool, choppy haircut? One way is via the cutting technique used combined with product placement. So, a clay product might simply be your new best pal! Here’s why: a clay product offers many perks, including strong pliable hold, texture, and definition. These three traits are needed to bring life into your choppy hairstyle.

GAGE for Men Clay will achieve this for you! It will assist you in achieving texture and dimension. Clay is malleable enough so that you’re able to style and restyle throughout the day, which is a big perk for “medium” type hair. The strong, pliable hold works wonders and lets you style as you wish. Apply a small amount to damp or dry hair, style as desired, and see your style liven up, right before your very eyes.

Explore the Magic of What the Best Men’s Hairstyling Products Can Do

GAGE for Men offers an array of styling products, for any style you want. When deciding which products to use, choose the styling product that can produce your desired look. Turn lightweight, thin hair into a thicker-looking, suave style. Turn hard-to-control curly hair into a manageable, controlled look. Brag on your cool, choppy hairstyle by bringing out its texture. All this sounds like magic but it’s anything but. Instead, it’s your way of understanding which products you need to use in order to achieve the hairstyle you crave.

We hope you’ve picked up some good pointers via this blog. As we mentioned in the beginning, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! So, stop your daydreaming and start styling. You will feel great, the world will take notice, and last but never least, your hair will thank you for it!

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